Guantamo silliness

November 22, 2008

That Obama is talking about closing the prison at Guantamo is no surprise, as it was a campaign promise repeated often during the race.  Powerline takes a look at a piece appearing in the Weekly Standard by Tom Joscelyn regarding the detainees and makes the following comment:

With respect to the fourteen “high value” detainees at Gauntanamo Bay, in particular, there is no good way to house them after that facility has been closed down. Perhaps the most appropriate course would be for the Bush administration to shoot them before Obama takes office.

Obama finds himself in the unfortunate position of reality meeting his rhetoric.  Obama made quite a few promises during the campaign that he is now going to have to make good on in order to keep his followers enthralled.  The reality of governing is going to prove to be very tricky sledding for Obama.  The Guantanamo example is an obvious one, but I’m confident that many more will reveal themselves as the Obama Presidency unfolds.

UPDATE: I just came across this: Expert: Closing Gitmo ‘Not An Easy Process’