What’s the difference between Huck and Palin?

Huckabee thinks the only real differences between himself and Sarah Palin are cosmetic.  Ed Morissey over at Hot Air has much more regarding their similarities and differences.  I think that Morissey gets to the heart of it all here:

But I digress. His suggestion that he and Palin are no different is false, but surely they’re not so different that one should be heralded as the second coming of Reagan while the other’s name is practically an epithet to huge swaths of our readership. Exit question: How’d that happen?

I’ll take this thinking a step farther and apply it to Ron Paul.  Why would someone who is pro-life, pro-gun, anti-small government and basically represents everything that the Republicans are supposed to believe be ridiculed and chastised by “conservatives” everywhere as being a radical lunatic?

The bottom line is that it all comes down to perceptions.  No one wanted Ron Paul in the primary pointing out all of the times that his colleagues had failed to adhere to conservative principles.  Similarly, no one wanted Huckabee in the primary doing basically the same thing.  It’s kind of like hanging out with people who are less attractive than you in order to make yourself look better.

The GOP wouldn’t have these kinds of problems if we would stop selecting candidates that we think are more politically viable (how did that work out, by the way?) and would instead pick candidates that represent our core values.  Instead of running from our principles, and chastising any politician that represents them, we should be embracing them.  The path that we’re on now simply feeds into the narrative of the left that our values are radical and not supported by the American people.  If we call them crazy, what must everyone else think about them?


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