The GOP likes Palin

Gallup has a poll out that is basically just a barometer of Republican enthusiasm over various candidates. The question is who you would like to see run in 2012.  Palin gets 67%, Romney gets 62% and Huckabee gets 61% overall.  The next closest is Petraeus at 49%.

This is good news on one hand because it shows that the media’s continued trashing of Palin is having next to zero affect among the party faithful.  On the other hand, though, four years is a very long time, and I don’t think that a poll of this sort is worth a whole heck of a lot.

H/T: Hot Air


2 Responses to The GOP likes Palin

  1. janeqrepublican says:

    I thought the poll was pretty much worthless. Who picked the 10 choices, I wonder? Of the 10, I think there were three that were potentially viable…and they weren’t all in the top 5 on this list.

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